About Nevis Island

Nevis IslandThe island is located to the west of Antigua. The official language of Nevis is English and the official local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). The population of Nevis stands at an estimated 12,000 persons. The capital of Nevis is Charlestown. The island was like many other English speaking Caribbean countries once colonized by the British. The mainstay of the island’s economy was once its sugar industry but this has since given way to tourism and a thriving offshore services sector.

The island of Nevis is now for its beauty and its friendly people. The island has many beautiful beaches and a wonderful atmosphere in which to have a good time. Amongst the things to do in Nevis are hiking through the rain forests, sightseeing around the islands, water sports such as sailing, snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing among other activities. Accommodations for visitors have increase on the island of Nevis and as a result there are many hotels, resorts, inns, guesthouses and a few villas about Nevis. Car rental agencies are available for pick up and drop off all over the island. Taxi services are also available.

Nevis has become a very important offshore jurisdiction ad tax haven in the Caribbean. So far the island nation has passed legislation which encourages the following offshore services on the island; the incorporation of Nevis offshore business company or Nevis IBC, The registration of Nevis Exempt Trust, the formation of Nevis multiform foundation and offshore banking among other offshore services. As a tax haven Nevis gives clients the advantage of saving on taxes as there are no local taxes for offshore business entities and offshore bank accounts in the offshore tax haven of Nevis. The assets placed in offshore bank accounts and offshore business entities in tax haven Nevis are guaranteed asset protection as there are protected by legislation in the country.

For many years, Nevis has offered foreigners the chance of becoming a second citizen of the island. Today this program has been amended and is still ongoing. There are two different ways of gaining citizenship of St Kitts; the Citizenship-by-investment and the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation (SIDF) program. These are all legal ways in which to gain second citizenship of Nevis. To qualify for the citizenship by investment program a real estate property must be purchased or the applicant can make an investment in an ongoing real estate project. Under the SIDF candidates must make a contribution which can qualify applicants and their dependents for citizenship.

The island of Nevis has a very strong economy and is known internationally as a peaceful country. Nevis has gained a well deserved reputable of being a outstanding tourist destination as well as one of the best offshore tax havens in the Caribbean.

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